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This is an opportunity to purchase a complete web hosting application, which includes some proprietary functionality such as: our custom code editor and NoSQL databases.

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1MB is on track to reach $4,000 in revenue this year!

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3,294 sites have been created this year meaning that on average we've added 275 new sites to the platform each month. - Accurate on Nov 5, 2019

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Registered Members as of Nov 22, 2019


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January 2019 – 2.1K Page Views, 530 New Users

February 2019 – 4.2K Page Views, 349 New Users

March 2019 – 7.4K Page Views, 2.3K New Users

April 2019 – 56.3K Page Views, 25.2K New Users

May 2019 – 79.3K Page Views, 15.8K New Users

June 2019 – 18.1K Page Views, 2.7K New Users

July 2019 – 13.2K Page Views, 2.1K New Users

August 2019 – 13.7K Page Views, 1.9K New Users

September 2019 – 10.8K Page Views, 2.1K New Users

October 2019 – 16.7K Page Views, 2K New Users

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Featured on Product Hunt.. Twice!

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1mbsite v2 - Free static hosting for websites 1 megabyte and under. | Product Hunt Embed

Over 700 Points on Hacker News

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1MB Ranks In The Top Million Sites Globally When It Comes To Internet Engagement
1MB's Custom Code Editor
1MB NoSQL Database Config Example
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